How can we manage waste in a sustainable way that enhances the quality of life for all community members?

El Cuyo, Yucatán

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges we face is waste generation and management, which grows exponentially with the increase in population and our level of consumption. In the case of El Cuyo, like many other small communities in Mexico, open burning is the most common practice to address the accumulation of waste.

The result

El Cuyo es Tuyo provides a management system that helps communities optimize and take control of their resources. It's not just about getting rid of waste but changing our relationship with it, from its reduction to its final disposal. El Cuyo es Tuyo is a collaborative project that brings together experts with the local community to continuously improve the solution we are building. If you are interested or knowledgeable about this topic, please contact us. Your help is essential in making a zero-waste community possible! comunidad cero basura posible!

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